Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Thursday! Reaching Goals

We've all heard that goals are important. Most of the time when we make a goal list, they are really big things and we end up getting frustrated about not making them. I sure have!

Then I discovered a secret. It's not much of one either.

Say you want to take a vacation. Normally that is the only goal we write down. Life happens and things get in the way and the vacation never happens. Or Pay off a bill. but it seems insurmountable. We get discouraged and let the goal wither.

First step - Make that big goal. There is nothing wrong with having it.

Second step - Price out what that big goal will cost. If it's a vacation, don't go the cheapest or most expensive route - do something realistic. Don't use margin hotels, don't use 5 star hotels, use a medium range 3-4 star hotel. Price out the difference between flying and driving. Another tip on the hotel - see if you can find one that offers a free breakfast, or has a kitchenette. This will save you at least 1 meal a day!

Third step - Now that you know how much you need - figure out how much you can comfortably afford out of your budget. Then save that amount each month get a separate account. Some banks offer Vacation Clubs.

Fourth step - Forget the big goal. Your goal now is to put the amount of money you've decided on into the account each month. Every month you get a high from completing a goal! That encourages you to keep going. Something unexpected happens - car breaks down, health issues, etc - put whatever little you can in your account. Yes, it's not as much but you did meet the "deposit money in account for ___" If you can make it up later do it.

Fifth step - After you complete your goal - take the vacation or whatever and ENJOY! You earned it!

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