Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Thursday. The most wonderful thing about Stampin'Up!

I'm betting you are going to say the products. And they are fantastic. BUT nope that's not it.

The discount for Demonstrators? Nope.

The great support from the offices? Well that is fantastic but nope.

It's other Demonstrators! 

Not sure how to do a technique - ASK someone will direct you to a tutorial.  Unsure of a new product - someone will post a video or picture of a card using it and it goes on your list OR in some cases comes off your list.

Need help planning a Workshop? ASK they will give you all kinds of ideas.

They treat even a Hobby Demonstrator as a million dollar seller. So if you wanted to feel special - feel free to contact me to join.

Have no interest in being a Demonstrator - then FIND one that you feel comfortable with and you will be treated like their BEST Customer - whether you purchase a $3.00 item or the entire catalog! Now while I'm mostly a Hobby Demonstrator, I'd love to have each and every person that reads this as a customer. 

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