Monday, May 30, 2016

Did you wonder where I was last week?

I took a week off. Why? I had a lot of Work to do for Wednesday. Also I was prepping for an expected birth.

The Babies came between Midnight and 6AM Sunday.

Monday, May 23, 2016

June 1st Catalog party more information

Wondering what we're doing on the first? Well first we're showcasing the new catalog!

I'm going to be showing some of the new products! Specifically the NEW InColors for 2016-2018. Showcase some of the cards I've made with the new catalog items. Showing you how to get an extra $35 worth of Stampin'Up! Product FREE.

There will be videos, and on Facebook I'll be going live at one point during the day. Some chances to win products or gifts too!

Friday, May 20, 2016

June Special Events and Increased Rewards!

On June 1st the new catalog is available! Filled with New Stuff - I've had to plan everything I'm getting over the next 4 months! So here's the deal.

June 1st from Midnight to Midnight every hour I'll be posting something here and on my Facebook page:

Over the course of the day I'm going to go through the catalog and show you some of the new stamps, Share the new In Colors, I'm planning on Videos.

Invite your friends! No pressure from me - BUT let me know you are coming and I'll set up a Hostess Code for you to give your friends!

If your friends order $350.00 in product - you get $77 in FREE PRODUCT.

If your friends order $450.00 in product - you get $98 in FREE PRODUCT and 1 50% off Product (great time to get those marker sets or Big Shot you've been dreaming about!)

If your friends order $600.00 you get $131.00 in FREE PRODUCT AND 1 item 50% OFF!

OR - you can just order for yourself!

Or you can just watch the fun! I don't know your wallet - you know what you can afford. So at least follow my Facebook Page for all the FUN.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Thursday. The most wonderful thing about Stampin'Up!

I'm betting you are going to say the products. And they are fantastic. BUT nope that's not it.

The discount for Demonstrators? Nope.

The great support from the offices? Well that is fantastic but nope.

It's other Demonstrators! 

Not sure how to do a technique - ASK someone will direct you to a tutorial.  Unsure of a new product - someone will post a video or picture of a card using it and it goes on your list OR in some cases comes off your list.

Need help planning a Workshop? ASK they will give you all kinds of ideas.

They treat even a Hobby Demonstrator as a million dollar seller. So if you wanted to feel special - feel free to contact me to join.

Have no interest in being a Demonstrator - then FIND one that you feel comfortable with and you will be treated like their BEST Customer - whether you purchase a $3.00 item or the entire catalog! Now while I'm mostly a Hobby Demonstrator, I'd love to have each and every person that reads this as a customer. 

Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy me!

I always plan what I'm going to buy the next month after the 15th of the month. Usually I order a certain amount $250 from Stampin'Up! then $100 from other places - I KNOW horrible horrible Demonstrator. But before I'm a Demonstrator I'm an artist. Well starting June 1st - Stampin'Up! is offering an extra $35 in Stampin' Rewards if your order is over $350.00 - That's $77 FREE STUFF!!!

I would love to do an online party with you and your friends OR you can simply go to and place an order for $350 for yourself and your friends! AFTER JUNE 1st!!!

BTW I'm always looking for other Papercraft hobbyist that want to save some money and get the best Card Stock and Inks on the market. If you want to join and don't even want to talk to me about it - go to and sign up (You can even order some 2016-2017 merchandise for your kit!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Creativity not happening.

It sometimes happens that no matter how much you want - the techniques or just ideas aren't working. I'm there now. I'm still making cards daily but right now I've had 1 turn out that was improving over what I've done in the past and 1 that was okay.

I think I know what the problem is - The NEW Catalog comes out in 15 days! So my mind is on that. Also, my paper cutter broke. Luckily it was a cheap one I got on sale. But that does add extra steps to every card! So I'm trying to do easy cards. I just like more involved cards.

Here are the cards I've made over the last few weeks.

Monday, May 16, 2016

I'm looking for a few good Papercrafters

I'm looking for the following type of paper crafters:

1. Like getting $125 worth of product for $99.00
2. Like getting their crafting supplies sent directly to their home.
3. Like getting 20% discount on crafting supplies.
4. Spent at least $100 a month on crafting supplies.

Does this sound like you?

What am I talking about? Becoming a Stampin'Up! Demonstrator.

I'm not a Workshop Demonstrator, I'm a Hobby Demonstrator and LOVE it! It's fun to spend a month planning exactly what I want to order. I just want to share the fun.

The ONLY thing I'll ever ask is that you make the Quarterly Quota of $300.00. You can do $100 a month, $150 twice ($30 in free stuff) or 1 $300 order a month (which will get you $36 in free stuff!)

Why should you become a HOBBY Demonstrator?

1. Discount on the products of course.
2. Connect with other Paper crafters.
3. The CARD STOCK! Okay I've tried several different types of cardstock. Yes some are cheaper, but you get what you pay for. And for my money - Stampin'Up!
4. Convience - It comes to you front door! I know you can go order from other places and get it delivered (confession I do it) But the Cardstock and ink is the best I've found.
5. The people you will meet are fantastic!

Think about it. Then get back to me with any questions or ask how to join!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

So Sorry!

Box arrived and I was too anxious to see the new pretties!

The 2016-2018 InColors are prettier than you see on the internet. And ohh the few stamp sets I got - I LOVE THEM! Glad I invested in them. I spent the afternoon prepping them to use. And planning the cards I'm going to make with them.

Sorry this week is kind of haphazard with the length of updates - I forgot to do them Sunday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Periscope this afternoon!

I'm going to be opening my shipment today and am going to share with you on Periscope! Join me this afternoon!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Helping others!

Today I want to tell you about a group on Facebook. I just found it.

The send packages of cards to soldiers. A Thank You, Birthday or Holiday card and some blank greeting cards for them to send home. I'm going to start doing it! I do enough swaps that - what is just one more card?

Check them out!

Monday, May 9, 2016

I can't wait!

I have 2 more days before I get my order with some of the new products!!! And some retired/clearance products. So why do I buy the retired/clearance stuff?

I have many reasons.

1. I like the item. This is the most common reason I buy retired/Clearance items.
2. Because while it's not in the catalog anymore, I can see multiple uses for the item.
3. The PRICE! This applies to clearance items.

So why, when I can't use these items in Workshops? Because I'm more than a Stampin'Up! Demonstrator - I'm an artist! And I can use them for giveaways!

Speaking of Giveaways... I'm giving away a sample of Designer Series Paper! These will be 41/4 X 5 1/2 sheets of double sided paper. It will be a mix of retiring and current paper. NO PURCHASE required! But you do need to do something to be entered! Comment on this post or on my Facebook page. I'll pick the winner Friday and announce here and on Facebook!

Don't forget to email me at to have 1 free card sent to you to use for an occasion of your choice!

Friday, May 6, 2016


That's all I can really say about today. It's been one of those weeks where everything went weird. I didn't get to spend hardly any time making cards. I did get my order in of the new stuff from Stampin'Up! I did get a lot done - so I should have time to craft this weekend and next week.

I have some ideas, so it's just a matter of doing them. I also came up with a great game for myself. I call it some might call it a challenge. Here's what I did.

1. I opened a Word Document and created a table that was 4 columns and 8 rows. I listed every Stampin'Up! color. Some card design styles, sizes, Embellishments, Dies and punches I have and coloring techniques. I may add stamp sets, but still thinking on that. Then I cut the table apart and put everything in a ziplock bag. If I'm stuck I pull 2 items out of the ziplock bag then a create a card using those two items.  Sometimes you have to force the brain to work.

I'm making Gumbo today, that makes it a perfect day to sit in the craft room and make the cards for my swaps! I hope you have a great weekend! See you Monday!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Thursday! Reaching Goals

We've all heard that goals are important. Most of the time when we make a goal list, they are really big things and we end up getting frustrated about not making them. I sure have!

Then I discovered a secret. It's not much of one either.

Say you want to take a vacation. Normally that is the only goal we write down. Life happens and things get in the way and the vacation never happens. Or Pay off a bill. but it seems insurmountable. We get discouraged and let the goal wither.

First step - Make that big goal. There is nothing wrong with having it.

Second step - Price out what that big goal will cost. If it's a vacation, don't go the cheapest or most expensive route - do something realistic. Don't use margin hotels, don't use 5 star hotels, use a medium range 3-4 star hotel. Price out the difference between flying and driving. Another tip on the hotel - see if you can find one that offers a free breakfast, or has a kitchenette. This will save you at least 1 meal a day!

Third step - Now that you know how much you need - figure out how much you can comfortably afford out of your budget. Then save that amount each month get a separate account. Some banks offer Vacation Clubs.

Fourth step - Forget the big goal. Your goal now is to put the amount of money you've decided on into the account each month. Every month you get a high from completing a goal! That encourages you to keep going. Something unexpected happens - car breaks down, health issues, etc - put whatever little you can in your account. Yes, it's not as much but you did meet the "deposit money in account for ___" If you can make it up later do it.

Fifth step - After you complete your goal - take the vacation or whatever and ENJOY! You earned it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Order made!

I made my order in the new catalog pre order! Now the long wait for it to be packed and shipped. I will be on Periscope while I unbox!

Monday I Periscoped a gift from me if you order a 3 month Subscription to Paper Pumpkin. That box was just for a 3 month, Stampin'Up! also offers a 6 month and 12 month package. Those will be getting a box too - but with more stuff! I haven't decided on those yet. I also might keep those boxes a secret.

And I did promise to show off a card...

The A Nice Cuppa is retiring - here is a card I made using it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I just realized!!!

This month we have a Friday the 13th! A week from Friday look for some Friday the 13th cards from me! You are more than welcome to posting yours on that day!

Today is also the day I can pre order from the NEW CATALOG! I'm super excited about that! Fear that the one set I'm over Jupiter about - won't be on it. But there is still some AWESOME stuff. I'm also ordering some retiring stuff. Now I can't use them in Workshops - but I like them! So why shouldn't I get them!!! I can ALSO order Catalogs! So if you want one FREE - just place an order for $25.00 and I'll send it to you.

I the meantime here's the cover of the new catalog!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Periscope today!

I'll be periscoping today around 4PM central time - 5 Eastern, 3 Mountain, 2 Pacific.

To view - go to the App store on your phone and download the Periscope app. Then search and follow Bienville Stamping.

First Post of May!

The retiring list has been out about 2 weeks. And things are going fast. This week I'm going to focus on using retiring items. I'm really sad because one of my favorite Thank You sets is retiring and the A Nice Cuppa is retiring too! I'm still debating if I want to sell them or not.

So this week I'm going to be showcasing some cards made from the items on the retiring list. So join me.