Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's up Wednesday.

Welcome to Wednesday? Don't worry this will probably be the only time I use the days of the week in the title. I just started it so, continued it.

Yesterday, you saw the card that I did with my scraps. Today I'm going to show you the NEW Paper Pumpkin Commercial! I know I talk about it ALL the time! But it's a great kit! I'm actually trying some other kits from different companies - so far, the kits I'm getting includes dies and I do like those - but not the paper and embellishments. I'm going to give it a few months and if my opinion doesn't change I'll drop them. And that's using your crafting dollars wisely!

Now I love the monthly kits! I have to admit - I can't recall EVER doing the kit exactly as designed. It's part of being an artist - I don't like copying someone else's work. Yes I will case a card but will try to make it differently and always give credit even if it's as simple as "I found this card on (Youtube/Pinterest/Facebook group) but can't remember the original designer."

I also do some designing on the computer - just basic shapes. Colors and sayings I decide on by looking through my stash.

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