Monday, April 18, 2016

What Stampin'Up has done for me.

Today I want to share what Stampin'Up has done for me. By training I'm a Graphic Designer and a Glass Artist - as I shared last week. Graphic Design is a lot of in front of the computer work - I love it, but it doesn't satisfy the hands on art that I need. Glass does that, but the setup for a studio in the house is not in the budget. Then I found Stampin'Up.

Making Cards and other things more than fulfills that need for hands on. It also has introduced me to wonderful people! I've found Swaps online that I didn't know I would enjoy as much as I do. I was never a card person - you know go to the store and pick one out. BUT I've come to LOVE making cards and sending them out. Now I actively look for the send a card things.

I have depression - but with the hands on creative outlet the lows aren't as low. If I feel myself dropping I go play with pretties. There is nothing that compares to creating something with your own hands. I'm not into needle work, I can draw using pencils but hate charcoal it sets off something in my head that makes me compulsively wash my hands. Pencil doesn't do that, I can have pencil marks to my elbow and I'm fine. But have you ever tried to draw with cats in your lap? Don't care for painting either. But making cards? Yeah I'm into that.

Do I have the awesome Craft Room set up? I'd need to win the lottery for that. I have a drawing table, a plastic 5 drawer cabinet, an old Microwave cart and an ancient dining room chair that has a towel as the pad. I don't have everything Stampin'Up sells. But it's enough for me to lose myself in creating art. And to think I was sneered at my sister-in-laws homemade cards. Not anymore!

I love being a demonstrator - though I've only made 1 sale. I joined mostly because I needed a creative outlet. But the thing is - now I want to share it with frustrated artist like myself. I want those that want to support those that just want to buy retail and those that want to join even if just as a Hobby Demonstrator. BTW April an AWESOME time to join! Why? You have April, May, June, July, August and September to reach the $300 a quarter quota! Which means you are in for October, November and December! So you get a discount on what you need for your holiday cards! If you want to join - and this isn't the main purpose of this post - email me at!

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