Friday, April 22, 2016

Today is Share your card day!

So did you make a card this week? Or one for the challenge? If so SHARE them.

And I'm going to share somethings too!

Did you know there is a new Stampin'Up! Catalog coming out in June? You should I mentioned it yesterday! Now I can't show you pictures OR tell you but I can give you some page numbers that when you get your catalog you definitely want to check out.

(.) I like but still deciding
(!) I'm getting! It is must have list
(!!) I'm getting it and is on my must have SOON list
(!!!) I'm getting this as soon as it's available to me!

Page 3! Shows all the colors!
Page 8! Inclusive Kit! Love the stamps that go with it. Cards and embellishments are shabby either!
Page 27! And There is bundle I'm planning on getting.
Page 24! HINT - now is the time to get the Balloon Celebration Bundle
Page 27! Holiday stuff.
Page 31! Another Holiday
Page 27! I'm getting that stamp set - maybe not immediately but definitely getting it.
Page 48! Oh this stamp set is so me!
Page 52. I like the stamp set, but still deciding if it deserves and exclamation point.
Page 54! Yup getting one of the two on this page.
Page 55! SO getting this one. It wasn't initially on my list but the more at it the more I love it.
Page 56. It's growing on me so I might get it. The next page has a bundle.
Page 63!! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it! So getting.
Page 66!!! I'm so excited over this set!!! It's GORGEOUS!
Page 76!!! Another set I'm over the moon about!
Page 87!! OMG! This is gorgeous!
Page 88. Growing on me.
Page 92! Love it and getting alternate ideas
Page 95!!! Another OH WOW!
Page 98. I like one of the sets and it's growing on me so yeah maybe.
Page 100!!! Gotta have it! My precious.
Page 101! Yup these are on the must have list
Page 103. /! This one gets a mixed rating because somethings I must have - others I'm considering.
Page 108! Yeah I'm a sucker.
Page 114!! This set could deserve the 3 exclamation mark rating, I'm just not sure if it's NOW or Soon still deciding
Page 115!!! Okay I LOVE this set!
Page 116!! Can I stop talking and just give you page numbers now? Because I'm running out of things to say.
Page 118.
Page 127!!
Page 128.
Page 129.
Page 130.
Page 133.
Page 144.
Page 145.
Page 147.
Page 166. Bullet Journal users may love this one.
Pages 169 - 171!!! (SOME items)
Pages 172 - 175!! (Some items)
Page 177!!
Page 179!!! (Some items)
Page 180!!! There are 4 items on this page I SOO Want NOW!
Page 181! Has some things I need to add.

So as you can see the new Catalog - yes, I know Demonstrators seeing it a month and a half but there is a way to fix that. To borrow from a favorite Author - KEEP Reading.

Want a free copy of the catalog? Spend $25.00 at my online store and I'll send you a free catalog. That also includes any coming catalogs for promotions. That's all I ask a $25.00 and you'll get upcoming catalogs from me FREE for 12 months. Store: Bienville Stamping

Don't want to wait? Well join Stampin'Up! I'd love to be your upline just email me at

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