Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Musings

Mondays you either hate them like 90% of the population - or they are just another day. For me - they are just another day. Except Monday is the day of the week I plan my week.

This week - I don't have to BE anywhere so now that I've completed my Glass Thesis I've got 24 hours a day to fill - and I can only sleep so much. I said a few weeks ago that I do these post on Sundays.  Friday, I got to watch 2 sessions from the Stampin'Up! Convention.  I've been thinking on it since then.

One of the things they suggested was to do 1 more thing a month. That's an easy thing. Since I'm now just doing card swaps and ordering stuff, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Here is what I'm thinking, I'll add in May - I'm going to add Saturday to the blog list. AND I'm going to start doing a Periscope broadcast each month. Just 1 to start or maybe when I open a box. Or something I have to tell you. They may not all be craft related.

So while you read these post - I'll be moving into my new studio. Which is mostly combining my Graphic Design Studio and my Stamping Studio. Maybe painting the walls.

I'll share pictures of the work each day in the afternoon. But not for a few days! Both studios are a WRECK! And need work.

Tuesday: I'm probably going to go through a lot of junk and getting rid of it. Like everyone I have too much junk!

Wednesday - I think will be setting up the new studio. I'll have to measure and plan Tuesday night. Easier to plan then move than the other way around.

Thursday - while you're enjoying Happy Thursday - I'll be moving equipment and supplies.

Friday of this week is payday. Which means I'll be doing the monthly pay bills, buying groceries, and you know the usual stuff that people do on payday.

Have a Great WEEK!

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