Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Probably broke the bank..

Last week I kind of went on a spree at Stampin'Up! My regular monthly order. A few days later I ordered clearance items and the 2014-2016 InColors since they are going to be gone in June  :( The next day I decided to order the refills for those ink pads. The day after that decided I needed to get 1 of each of the 8.5X11 Cardstock bundles.

So yeah - hiding the bank statement!

On Craft Room Organization.

One day I will have the Ikea/Stamp-N-Storage craft room of my dreams, but not now. One thing I really didn't like was my storage for my dies. Just wasn't my thing. You know I said I like albums? I had looked at storage ideas for dies. Magnetic sheets seemed to be the best suggestion. So off I go to Michael's and Hobby Lobby. The 6X9 sheets well I didn't see $16 being reasonable and at Michael's they had 8.5X11 magnetic sheets - okay they are a little flimsy BUT I got a set for $16.99 less 40% with a coupon. And now all my dies reside in a notebook on those sheets in sheet protectors. At least until I have the budget to buy enough of the 6X9 sheets and a 6X9 album and full size sheets.

While I was out I also picked up a $4.95 art box at Walmart - I did get 10% off cause one of the shelves was broken. And in that I put all my ribbon and Washi tape and the little embellishments that come in a Paper Pumpkin kit.

A little at the time - but it's coming together. Just need to finish cleaning that room up, then moving from my old studio to the new one.

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