Monday, April 4, 2016

Changing the format of this blog

Obviously I can't keep to a schedule or I can't do my blog the way others do theirs.  I think it's both. So I'm done with trying. I'm going to do me.

Changes that will be made.

1. No more specific things on specific days. I will keep Happy Thursday but I may not post about Paper Crafting. I do have other interest and maybe you want to learn more about me.

2. Projects are on hold until I get a way to film them.

3. I will still post Weekly deals on Tuesdays - I know I've missed a few weeks. I'm also thinking of picking a Clearance item a week and posting that Maybe on Monday. Or when I think of it.

4. I like list, so get use to them.

Tuesday's Weekly Deals will be the only regular feature. I may do a Card Share day on Fridays. Basically I want to see Cards you guys make! It will have only 1 requirement you MUST use something from Stampin'Up! Or I might set up a Weekly Challenge thing on the Bienville Stamping Facebook page or do both.

I typically like to schedule all my post on Sundays. It's a quiet day and I can sit and work on things, like blog entries.

Welcome to the new Bienville Stamping Blog!

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