Thursday, March 24, 2016

Recruiting Event!

Stampin'Up! isn't hosting this but I am! I want YOU to join my team!

Stampin'Up! is a great way to feed your paper craft addiction! Who knew I had one?

Why should you join?

Extra Money!
Discount on Stampin'Up! Products!
A New Career!

All of that is possible.

Free Product? How does $155.00 in Stampin'Up! Product for $99.00 and free shipping sound? How does early access to all the new goodies for 2016 sound? How does free trips sound? Well you can get them all! Let me be honest - the trip you have to earn but how fun to earn a trip with something you love?

The bad side? $300 retail in product a quarter. About $100 a month - oh did I mention the 20% discount? So you are getting $300 in merchandise for $240!

Questions? email me at

Ready to join? Click Here:

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