Saturday, March 26, 2016

Join the Demonstrator Club!

Join the Demonstrator Club!

Choose $155 of anything you want from any active catalog (annual + Occasions) or online store exclusives yet only pay $99 plus tax. That is $30 more FREE than our standard kit.

Who doesn’t love “free”????

Ships FREE too! There’s that “free” word again…

Let’s do the math:

Choose $155 (not a penny more)

Ships FREE which saves $15.50

Pay $99 plus tax

$56 in free product + $15.50 saved from shipping = $71.50 saved and you pay only $99 plus tax for $155 in product!

Here’s my question: why not? NO risk, NO strings, 20-25% off as a demonstrator (start at 20% off then bump up to 25% off with your first title promotion)… try it for a few months (you can be a demonstrator through June 30 without buying a thing after you join) with no penalty if it doesn’t work out and plenty of discounted product via this special joining order and any future regular purchases as part of the SU! family!
Read the frequently asked questions flyer included in this mailer. Simple steps to join (only takes minutes) also included.

Join in minutes by going to then click on the far right Join the Fun then, when that opens, click the brown horizontal bar that reads “Join Now.”

Time is running out! Only 5 days left!

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