Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday! Countdown 2

In Sundays Post I talked about Paper Pumpkin a little. I want to talk a little more about it. Now don't go enrolling till I get my kit!

But it's awesome! December was a Calendar project, January was a Valentine's themed project. Who knows what February will be - no one knows! And that's the best part, the complete and total surprise of it. How many true good surprises can we get in life? But here's one that arrives in your mail box every Month! The kits are designed to take 30 minutes to put together.

But what if you don't like the project? Not a problem! I promise to come up with at least 3 alternate ways to use the kit! Hopefully more! The kit is so popular it has it's own group on Facebook!

Now you are going, right it's going to be too expensive. it's $19.99 a month - INCLUDING SHIPPING!

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