Thursday, February 18, 2016

Building a Stampin'Up! Workspace on a tight budget!

Ever wanted a Stamping Workspace but on a tight budget? Well this is for you. My budget is TIGHT and I need a work area. I'll share pictures as I go.

Right now it's just a drawing table that I got when I started school and a Rubbermaid 5 drawer storage  shelf thing.




It isn't the perfect work area - but for now it works - Mostly, have to find a chair. The basket was from Dollartree and hadn't been used since I got it. The worktable, as I said that was a drawing table bought for school so I had it. The shelves - again something in the house. I arranged the few items I have from my starter kit and some gifts in each of the drawers.


Drawer 1 contains my multipurpose glue, Dimensionals, some embellishments and a Gift Box Punch Board, Gift Bag Punch Board and Pillow Box Punch Board (all of which were gifts from before I learned of Stampin'Up!) I plan on adding an Envelope Punch Board in the near future.

Drawer 2 contains my Stampin' Ink Pads and the little ones from Paper Pumpkin and the Paper Pumpkin stamps - I'll out grow this soon!

Drawer 3 holds my stamp sets, framelits, MY catalogs (meaning the ones I use), Post cards and Card Stock

Drawer 4 well it's pretty much a catch all for anything I use frequently - including the Paper Pumpkin box, Business paperwork etc.

Drawer 5 is for Catalogs to send out.

This set up cost me not 1 penny, I had most of this stuff laying around the house for years. Yes, that is cement floor. I pulled up the carpet in that room. It has been going to be the studio for months - just haven't gotten around to moving the rest of the art stuff in and Cement is easier to clean than carpet. I'll seal it and paint it this spring.

I have 2 5ft buffet tables that will be moved in, and I need to rig up some lighting better than 2 photo shoot lights. But again TIGHT budget. I have a 3 drawer paper storage system I got from Walmart for about $10 and I'll use that to keep Basic Black, Whisper White and Crumb Cake 8.5X11 Card Stock in - since all of those are go to colors.

Once I get the tables in, I'll be making a storage system for Paper and inks out of foam core. Here is what it will look like. The colors just indicate size. I figure I'll need 6-7 sheets to make this and I may break that up over several months - unless I can find some at Dollartree and of course glue. I should have a hot glue gun and glue sticks somewhere.

The Blue is for 12X12 paper, the red for 8.5X11 paper, the green for Stampin Inks, the brown and white are storage areas for embellishments and other little things. The green line across the top - that's just so I know how long to make the backing.

The best thing about being an artist of any kind - is figuring out how to use what you have to do what you need. That's called Creativity!

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