Wednesday, June 8, 2016

So what's the big Deal?

That's the big deal!!! Why? Well a monthly subscription is $20.00, so you are saving $15.00! It's a great time to try Paper Pumpkin. Get the June Kit for $5.00 - if it's not your cup of tea you are under no obligation to continue the subscription - BUT I'm betting you will love it!

So Friday, give up 1 cup of Starbucks Coffee and get a kit that has everything you need to complete a paper crafting project. 

For me, paper crafting is great therapy! $5.00? I sure can't go see a therapist for that! So sign up! This is for NEW subscribers only.

Oh and I'll be on Periscope later with my first order from the New Catalog! Promise I won't forget this time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

Moroccan Nights!

I'll be showing of some creations made with this set Live! Monday the 13th!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Did you wonder where I was last week?

I took a week off. Why? I had a lot of Work to do for Wednesday. Also I was prepping for an expected birth.

The Babies came between Midnight and 6AM Sunday.

Monday, May 23, 2016

June 1st Catalog party more information

Wondering what we're doing on the first? Well first we're showcasing the new catalog!

I'm going to be showing some of the new products! Specifically the NEW InColors for 2016-2018. Showcase some of the cards I've made with the new catalog items. Showing you how to get an extra $35 worth of Stampin'Up! Product FREE.

There will be videos, and on Facebook I'll be going live at one point during the day. Some chances to win products or gifts too!

Friday, May 20, 2016

June Special Events and Increased Rewards!

On June 1st the new catalog is available! Filled with New Stuff - I've had to plan everything I'm getting over the next 4 months! So here's the deal.

June 1st from Midnight to Midnight every hour I'll be posting something here and on my Facebook page:

Over the course of the day I'm going to go through the catalog and show you some of the new stamps, Share the new In Colors, I'm planning on Videos.

Invite your friends! No pressure from me - BUT let me know you are coming and I'll set up a Hostess Code for you to give your friends!

If your friends order $350.00 in product - you get $77 in FREE PRODUCT.

If your friends order $450.00 in product - you get $98 in FREE PRODUCT and 1 50% off Product (great time to get those marker sets or Big Shot you've been dreaming about!)

If your friends order $600.00 you get $131.00 in FREE PRODUCT AND 1 item 50% OFF!

OR - you can just order for yourself!

Or you can just watch the fun! I don't know your wallet - you know what you can afford. So at least follow my Facebook Page for all the FUN.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Thursday. The most wonderful thing about Stampin'Up!

I'm betting you are going to say the products. And they are fantastic. BUT nope that's not it.

The discount for Demonstrators? Nope.

The great support from the offices? Well that is fantastic but nope.

It's other Demonstrators! 

Not sure how to do a technique - ASK someone will direct you to a tutorial.  Unsure of a new product - someone will post a video or picture of a card using it and it goes on your list OR in some cases comes off your list.

Need help planning a Workshop? ASK they will give you all kinds of ideas.

They treat even a Hobby Demonstrator as a million dollar seller. So if you wanted to feel special - feel free to contact me to join.

Have no interest in being a Demonstrator - then FIND one that you feel comfortable with and you will be treated like their BEST Customer - whether you purchase a $3.00 item or the entire catalog! Now while I'm mostly a Hobby Demonstrator, I'd love to have each and every person that reads this as a customer. 

Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy me!

I always plan what I'm going to buy the next month after the 15th of the month. Usually I order a certain amount $250 from Stampin'Up! then $100 from other places - I KNOW horrible horrible Demonstrator. But before I'm a Demonstrator I'm an artist. Well starting June 1st - Stampin'Up! is offering an extra $35 in Stampin' Rewards if your order is over $350.00 - That's $77 FREE STUFF!!!

I would love to do an online party with you and your friends OR you can simply go to and place an order for $350 for yourself and your friends! AFTER JUNE 1st!!!

BTW I'm always looking for other Papercraft hobbyist that want to save some money and get the best Card Stock and Inks on the market. If you want to join and don't even want to talk to me about it - go to and sign up (You can even order some 2016-2017 merchandise for your kit!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Creativity not happening.

It sometimes happens that no matter how much you want - the techniques or just ideas aren't working. I'm there now. I'm still making cards daily but right now I've had 1 turn out that was improving over what I've done in the past and 1 that was okay.

I think I know what the problem is - The NEW Catalog comes out in 15 days! So my mind is on that. Also, my paper cutter broke. Luckily it was a cheap one I got on sale. But that does add extra steps to every card! So I'm trying to do easy cards. I just like more involved cards.

Here are the cards I've made over the last few weeks.

Monday, May 16, 2016

I'm looking for a few good Papercrafters

I'm looking for the following type of paper crafters:

1. Like getting $125 worth of product for $99.00
2. Like getting their crafting supplies sent directly to their home.
3. Like getting 20% discount on crafting supplies.
4. Spent at least $100 a month on crafting supplies.

Does this sound like you?

What am I talking about? Becoming a Stampin'Up! Demonstrator.

I'm not a Workshop Demonstrator, I'm a Hobby Demonstrator and LOVE it! It's fun to spend a month planning exactly what I want to order. I just want to share the fun.

The ONLY thing I'll ever ask is that you make the Quarterly Quota of $300.00. You can do $100 a month, $150 twice ($30 in free stuff) or 1 $300 order a month (which will get you $36 in free stuff!)

Why should you become a HOBBY Demonstrator?

1. Discount on the products of course.
2. Connect with other Paper crafters.
3. The CARD STOCK! Okay I've tried several different types of cardstock. Yes some are cheaper, but you get what you pay for. And for my money - Stampin'Up!
4. Convience - It comes to you front door! I know you can go order from other places and get it delivered (confession I do it) But the Cardstock and ink is the best I've found.
5. The people you will meet are fantastic!

Think about it. Then get back to me with any questions or ask how to join!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

So Sorry!

Box arrived and I was too anxious to see the new pretties!

The 2016-2018 InColors are prettier than you see on the internet. And ohh the few stamp sets I got - I LOVE THEM! Glad I invested in them. I spent the afternoon prepping them to use. And planning the cards I'm going to make with them.

Sorry this week is kind of haphazard with the length of updates - I forgot to do them Sunday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Periscope this afternoon!

I'm going to be opening my shipment today and am going to share with you on Periscope! Join me this afternoon!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Helping others!

Today I want to tell you about a group on Facebook. I just found it.

The send packages of cards to soldiers. A Thank You, Birthday or Holiday card and some blank greeting cards for them to send home. I'm going to start doing it! I do enough swaps that - what is just one more card?

Check them out!

Monday, May 9, 2016

I can't wait!

I have 2 more days before I get my order with some of the new products!!! And some retired/clearance products. So why do I buy the retired/clearance stuff?

I have many reasons.

1. I like the item. This is the most common reason I buy retired/Clearance items.
2. Because while it's not in the catalog anymore, I can see multiple uses for the item.
3. The PRICE! This applies to clearance items.

So why, when I can't use these items in Workshops? Because I'm more than a Stampin'Up! Demonstrator - I'm an artist! And I can use them for giveaways!

Speaking of Giveaways... I'm giving away a sample of Designer Series Paper! These will be 41/4 X 5 1/2 sheets of double sided paper. It will be a mix of retiring and current paper. NO PURCHASE required! But you do need to do something to be entered! Comment on this post or on my Facebook page. I'll pick the winner Friday and announce here and on Facebook!

Don't forget to email me at to have 1 free card sent to you to use for an occasion of your choice!

Friday, May 6, 2016


That's all I can really say about today. It's been one of those weeks where everything went weird. I didn't get to spend hardly any time making cards. I did get my order in of the new stuff from Stampin'Up! I did get a lot done - so I should have time to craft this weekend and next week.

I have some ideas, so it's just a matter of doing them. I also came up with a great game for myself. I call it some might call it a challenge. Here's what I did.

1. I opened a Word Document and created a table that was 4 columns and 8 rows. I listed every Stampin'Up! color. Some card design styles, sizes, Embellishments, Dies and punches I have and coloring techniques. I may add stamp sets, but still thinking on that. Then I cut the table apart and put everything in a ziplock bag. If I'm stuck I pull 2 items out of the ziplock bag then a create a card using those two items.  Sometimes you have to force the brain to work.

I'm making Gumbo today, that makes it a perfect day to sit in the craft room and make the cards for my swaps! I hope you have a great weekend! See you Monday!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Thursday! Reaching Goals

We've all heard that goals are important. Most of the time when we make a goal list, they are really big things and we end up getting frustrated about not making them. I sure have!

Then I discovered a secret. It's not much of one either.

Say you want to take a vacation. Normally that is the only goal we write down. Life happens and things get in the way and the vacation never happens. Or Pay off a bill. but it seems insurmountable. We get discouraged and let the goal wither.

First step - Make that big goal. There is nothing wrong with having it.

Second step - Price out what that big goal will cost. If it's a vacation, don't go the cheapest or most expensive route - do something realistic. Don't use margin hotels, don't use 5 star hotels, use a medium range 3-4 star hotel. Price out the difference between flying and driving. Another tip on the hotel - see if you can find one that offers a free breakfast, or has a kitchenette. This will save you at least 1 meal a day!

Third step - Now that you know how much you need - figure out how much you can comfortably afford out of your budget. Then save that amount each month get a separate account. Some banks offer Vacation Clubs.

Fourth step - Forget the big goal. Your goal now is to put the amount of money you've decided on into the account each month. Every month you get a high from completing a goal! That encourages you to keep going. Something unexpected happens - car breaks down, health issues, etc - put whatever little you can in your account. Yes, it's not as much but you did meet the "deposit money in account for ___" If you can make it up later do it.

Fifth step - After you complete your goal - take the vacation or whatever and ENJOY! You earned it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Order made!

I made my order in the new catalog pre order! Now the long wait for it to be packed and shipped. I will be on Periscope while I unbox!

Monday I Periscoped a gift from me if you order a 3 month Subscription to Paper Pumpkin. That box was just for a 3 month, Stampin'Up! also offers a 6 month and 12 month package. Those will be getting a box too - but with more stuff! I haven't decided on those yet. I also might keep those boxes a secret.

And I did promise to show off a card...

The A Nice Cuppa is retiring - here is a card I made using it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I just realized!!!

This month we have a Friday the 13th! A week from Friday look for some Friday the 13th cards from me! You are more than welcome to posting yours on that day!

Today is also the day I can pre order from the NEW CATALOG! I'm super excited about that! Fear that the one set I'm over Jupiter about - won't be on it. But there is still some AWESOME stuff. I'm also ordering some retiring stuff. Now I can't use them in Workshops - but I like them! So why shouldn't I get them!!! I can ALSO order Catalogs! So if you want one FREE - just place an order for $25.00 and I'll send it to you.

I the meantime here's the cover of the new catalog!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Periscope today!

I'll be periscoping today around 4PM central time - 5 Eastern, 3 Mountain, 2 Pacific.

To view - go to the App store on your phone and download the Periscope app. Then search and follow Bienville Stamping.

First Post of May!

The retiring list has been out about 2 weeks. And things are going fast. This week I'm going to focus on using retiring items. I'm really sad because one of my favorite Thank You sets is retiring and the A Nice Cuppa is retiring too! I'm still debating if I want to sell them or not.

So this week I'm going to be showcasing some cards made from the items on the retiring list. So join me.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

As usual Saturday Got away from me!

It started with crashing hard last night - BUT I had been awake over 24 hours. Then their were the inevitable I forgot to pick up (Fill in the Blank). Then a little craft shopping. And most importantly what I was going to show you changed. You will definitely want to watch the Periscope! I'll work on that tonight and have it ready for Monday! Tomorrow is do this weeks blog post!

Follow me on Periscope: Bienville Stamping - once I get over my fear I plan to use that a lot!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Cards!

I didn't make any cards this week. I've been working on something. Here is 2/3 of my crafting space.

My creation table. This is where the work is done
Most of the holders are made using Foam Core.
My refills are in a little storage thing I found at either
Dollar Tree, Big Lots, or Tuesday Mornings. I know
it didn't run more than $3.00 for the thing. On the wall
is the styrofoam ring from the April Paper Pumpin. I'm using
it to showcase the cards I've gotten in swaps. I just pinned them
with thumb tacks, so I can change them out as needed. Cats are 
Duchess on the Left and Zorra on the Right.

My Big Shot and Tool carousel stand.
i.e. converted Microwave stand that
was just collecting. The open shelf has in
addition to Sketch (another kitty) my Simply Scored
and my Cutter. In the roll top section is extra paper and other stuff.

So at OnStage they challenged all Demonstrators to do 1 More thing. So I'm doing it! I'm going to attempt a Periscope tomorrow! Download the app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phone! All you have to do is follow BienvilleStamping on Periscope!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy Thursday: April 28, 2016

Can you believe it? In 32 Days the new 2016-2017 Catalog will be out? I am so excited for you to see it!!! I can tell you the name of the new In Colors for 2016-2018 though...

Dapper Denim

Emerald Envy

Flirty Flamingo

Peekaboo Peach

Sweet Sugarplum

Seeing what the Demonstrators who attended photos of the colors think I'm going to LOVE Dapper Denim, Emerald Envy, and Sweet Sugarplum! But then I like Blues, Greens, and Purples best. Have you seen my hair?

I'm not really a floral person. OH I love love love - Victorian Age floral prints. I'm more of a smart-ass card, T-shirt type girl. In fact as I type this I'm wearing one of my favorite smart ass T-shirts.

I've also decided that till January 2017 I'm really not going to push you guys for orders, to join, or anything like that.  Now that doesn't mean I'm not going to talk about great deals or sales or when a special joining promotion is on but that doesn't mean I'm not going to mention it. Just this has to be a more than just me blog.

Email your address to with your birthday and anniversary dates. Also if you need a card for a Wedding, Baby Shower or (and I sincerely hope I don't get request for any of these) Sympathy - EVEN Pet Sympathy cards - EMAIL ME at Until December 1, 2016 I will send anyone who request it a specially designed card for that occasion - 1 per email! I need practice and you need cards! Sorry but no say on the card - I create them. See how that works?

Pictures of the new room should be coming soon! - The basics are done. Now just need to clean it up - it still needs painting and the cement sealed and painted. I'll post pictures soon as that's done!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's up Wednesday.

Welcome to Wednesday? Don't worry this will probably be the only time I use the days of the week in the title. I just started it so, continued it.

Yesterday, you saw the card that I did with my scraps. Today I'm going to show you the NEW Paper Pumpkin Commercial! I know I talk about it ALL the time! But it's a great kit! I'm actually trying some other kits from different companies - so far, the kits I'm getting includes dies and I do like those - but not the paper and embellishments. I'm going to give it a few months and if my opinion doesn't change I'll drop them. And that's using your crafting dollars wisely!

Now I love the monthly kits! I have to admit - I can't recall EVER doing the kit exactly as designed. It's part of being an artist - I don't like copying someone else's work. Yes I will case a card but will try to make it differently and always give credit even if it's as simple as "I found this card on (Youtube/Pinterest/Facebook group) but can't remember the original designer."

I also do some designing on the computer - just basic shapes. Colors and sayings I decide on by looking through my stash.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday is Trash Day

At least in my neighborhood. So how does that equate to Stamping and Stampin'Up!? Yeah that's a hard one - then I figured it out!

Go into your scrap bins. You know those trim downs that we all have. I made these card with my scraps.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Musings

Mondays you either hate them like 90% of the population - or they are just another day. For me - they are just another day. Except Monday is the day of the week I plan my week.

This week - I don't have to BE anywhere so now that I've completed my Glass Thesis I've got 24 hours a day to fill - and I can only sleep so much. I said a few weeks ago that I do these post on Sundays.  Friday, I got to watch 2 sessions from the Stampin'Up! Convention.  I've been thinking on it since then.

One of the things they suggested was to do 1 more thing a month. That's an easy thing. Since I'm now just doing card swaps and ordering stuff, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Here is what I'm thinking, I'll add in May - I'm going to add Saturday to the blog list. AND I'm going to start doing a Periscope broadcast each month. Just 1 to start or maybe when I open a box. Or something I have to tell you. They may not all be craft related.

So while you read these post - I'll be moving into my new studio. Which is mostly combining my Graphic Design Studio and my Stamping Studio. Maybe painting the walls.

I'll share pictures of the work each day in the afternoon. But not for a few days! Both studios are a WRECK! And need work.

Tuesday: I'm probably going to go through a lot of junk and getting rid of it. Like everyone I have too much junk!

Wednesday - I think will be setting up the new studio. I'll have to measure and plan Tuesday night. Easier to plan then move than the other way around.

Thursday - while you're enjoying Happy Thursday - I'll be moving equipment and supplies.

Friday of this week is payday. Which means I'll be doing the monthly pay bills, buying groceries, and you know the usual stuff that people do on payday.

Have a Great WEEK!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Today is Share your card day!

So did you make a card this week? Or one for the challenge? If so SHARE them.

And I'm going to share somethings too!

Did you know there is a new Stampin'Up! Catalog coming out in June? You should I mentioned it yesterday! Now I can't show you pictures OR tell you but I can give you some page numbers that when you get your catalog you definitely want to check out.

(.) I like but still deciding
(!) I'm getting! It is must have list
(!!) I'm getting it and is on my must have SOON list
(!!!) I'm getting this as soon as it's available to me!

Page 3! Shows all the colors!
Page 8! Inclusive Kit! Love the stamps that go with it. Cards and embellishments are shabby either!
Page 27! And There is bundle I'm planning on getting.
Page 24! HINT - now is the time to get the Balloon Celebration Bundle
Page 27! Holiday stuff.
Page 31! Another Holiday
Page 27! I'm getting that stamp set - maybe not immediately but definitely getting it.
Page 48! Oh this stamp set is so me!
Page 52. I like the stamp set, but still deciding if it deserves and exclamation point.
Page 54! Yup getting one of the two on this page.
Page 55! SO getting this one. It wasn't initially on my list but the more at it the more I love it.
Page 56. It's growing on me so I might get it. The next page has a bundle.
Page 63!! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it! So getting.
Page 66!!! I'm so excited over this set!!! It's GORGEOUS!
Page 76!!! Another set I'm over the moon about!
Page 87!! OMG! This is gorgeous!
Page 88. Growing on me.
Page 92! Love it and getting alternate ideas
Page 95!!! Another OH WOW!
Page 98. I like one of the sets and it's growing on me so yeah maybe.
Page 100!!! Gotta have it! My precious.
Page 101! Yup these are on the must have list
Page 103. /! This one gets a mixed rating because somethings I must have - others I'm considering.
Page 108! Yeah I'm a sucker.
Page 114!! This set could deserve the 3 exclamation mark rating, I'm just not sure if it's NOW or Soon still deciding
Page 115!!! Okay I LOVE this set!
Page 116!! Can I stop talking and just give you page numbers now? Because I'm running out of things to say.
Page 118.
Page 127!!
Page 128.
Page 129.
Page 130.
Page 133.
Page 144.
Page 145.
Page 147.
Page 166. Bullet Journal users may love this one.
Pages 169 - 171!!! (SOME items)
Pages 172 - 175!! (Some items)
Page 177!!
Page 179!!! (Some items)
Page 180!!! There are 4 items on this page I SOO Want NOW!
Page 181! Has some things I need to add.

So as you can see the new Catalog - yes, I know Demonstrators seeing it a month and a half but there is a way to fix that. To borrow from a favorite Author - KEEP Reading.

Want a free copy of the catalog? Spend $25.00 at my online store and I'll send you a free catalog. That also includes any coming catalogs for promotions. That's all I ask a $25.00 and you'll get upcoming catalogs from me FREE for 12 months. Store: Bienville Stamping

Don't want to wait? Well join Stampin'Up! I'd love to be your upline just email me at

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Retirement List OUT

It's that time of year and Stampin'Up's Retirement list is UP! And there are a LOT of things on it. Some up to 50% off. There are some sets that I will be sad to see go. But that's the way it goes sometimes. One more thing Paper Pumpkin kits monthly is going up to $20.00 - BUT you can still buy a three month subscription for $59! It's a great gift for yourself or another crafter!

A New Catalog drops on the 1st of June! I'm so excited about this! You can order a catalog from Stampin'Up! Or place a $25.00 Order and I'll send you one!

To check out the retired list:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What's the advantage of having me as your Demonstrator?

So why is having me as your Demonstrator? When I only work online?

Because I'm online? Like 18 hours a day. Even when not at my computer I have my iPhone with me and check my messages every hour.

You don't have to live in Alabama to order from me, just in the US. You can go to my online store 24/7 365. And it ships to your house!

I don't believe in bugging people - it irritates me, so I know it irritates others.

I schedule blogs a week in advance. So every Monday-Friday a post goes up. I'll hopefully soon be able to make videos to upload to post.

Most importantly, I want to be your Demonstrator!

Monday, April 18, 2016

What Stampin'Up has done for me.

Today I want to share what Stampin'Up has done for me. By training I'm a Graphic Designer and a Glass Artist - as I shared last week. Graphic Design is a lot of in front of the computer work - I love it, but it doesn't satisfy the hands on art that I need. Glass does that, but the setup for a studio in the house is not in the budget. Then I found Stampin'Up.

Making Cards and other things more than fulfills that need for hands on. It also has introduced me to wonderful people! I've found Swaps online that I didn't know I would enjoy as much as I do. I was never a card person - you know go to the store and pick one out. BUT I've come to LOVE making cards and sending them out. Now I actively look for the send a card things.

I have depression - but with the hands on creative outlet the lows aren't as low. If I feel myself dropping I go play with pretties. There is nothing that compares to creating something with your own hands. I'm not into needle work, I can draw using pencils but hate charcoal it sets off something in my head that makes me compulsively wash my hands. Pencil doesn't do that, I can have pencil marks to my elbow and I'm fine. But have you ever tried to draw with cats in your lap? Don't care for painting either. But making cards? Yeah I'm into that.

Do I have the awesome Craft Room set up? I'd need to win the lottery for that. I have a drawing table, a plastic 5 drawer cabinet, an old Microwave cart and an ancient dining room chair that has a towel as the pad. I don't have everything Stampin'Up sells. But it's enough for me to lose myself in creating art. And to think I was sneered at my sister-in-laws homemade cards. Not anymore!

I love being a demonstrator - though I've only made 1 sale. I joined mostly because I needed a creative outlet. But the thing is - now I want to share it with frustrated artist like myself. I want those that want to support those that just want to buy retail and those that want to join even if just as a Hobby Demonstrator. BTW April an AWESOME time to join! Why? You have April, May, June, July, August and September to reach the $300 a quarter quota! Which means you are in for October, November and December! So you get a discount on what you need for your holiday cards! If you want to join - and this isn't the main purpose of this post - email me at!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Cards!

It's Friday! What did you make this week? I'd love to see them - post them in the comments.


Using the Going Places Designer Series Paper Stack - $8.00

Create something. That's the only requirement.  To make it fair - for those that may not have that set - these are due the 22nd! It doesn't have to be a card!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy Thursday! April 14, 2016

In Salt Lake City, Utah today hundreds if not thousands of Stampin'Up! Demonstrators in the middle of learning all about the 2016-2017 catalog. Getting a Swag Bag and Winning free stuff! And I'm not there! I won't find out till next week about all the goodies! So unfair in this age of live streaming - don't ya think? MAN do I ever want to know what the new colors are! Oh well, I plan on going to a local in November - if there is one close.

After all it is HAPPY THURSDAY! So no dwelling on disappointment!

In addition to being a Stampin'Up! Demonstrator I'm also a glass artist. So thought I'd share some pieces.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Probably broke the bank..

Last week I kind of went on a spree at Stampin'Up! My regular monthly order. A few days later I ordered clearance items and the 2014-2016 InColors since they are going to be gone in June  :( The next day I decided to order the refills for those ink pads. The day after that decided I needed to get 1 of each of the 8.5X11 Cardstock bundles.

So yeah - hiding the bank statement!

On Craft Room Organization.

One day I will have the Ikea/Stamp-N-Storage craft room of my dreams, but not now. One thing I really didn't like was my storage for my dies. Just wasn't my thing. You know I said I like albums? I had looked at storage ideas for dies. Magnetic sheets seemed to be the best suggestion. So off I go to Michael's and Hobby Lobby. The 6X9 sheets well I didn't see $16 being reasonable and at Michael's they had 8.5X11 magnetic sheets - okay they are a little flimsy BUT I got a set for $16.99 less 40% with a coupon. And now all my dies reside in a notebook on those sheets in sheet protectors. At least until I have the budget to buy enough of the 6X9 sheets and a 6X9 album and full size sheets.

While I was out I also picked up a $4.95 art box at Walmart - I did get 10% off cause one of the shelves was broken. And in that I put all my ribbon and Washi tape and the little embellishments that come in a Paper Pumpkin kit.

A little at the time - but it's coming together. Just need to finish cleaning that room up, then moving from my old studio to the new one.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Deal

The Weekly Deals this week are the same as last weeks.

So here's my Clearance Item of the Week.

Blushing Bride Baker's Twine - 134577 - It's $1.19 for 25 yards.

I'll be honest it was REALLY hard to pick just one! There is a lot of Holiday Catalog items in Clearance too.

Happy Shopping at

Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday - Monday...

I want to make Bronze Elite by August 3rd. That means I need to order or have customer orders equaling $252.00 every month between now and August 3rd.

Now I could do this big ole sales pitch and tell you all about how GREAT! Stampin'Up! Products are. But I don't want you to feel that I'm pressuring you to buy. You know your wallet - and bottom line, I'll most likely order that much for myself. Hello! New Annual Catalog coming out June 3rd!

So why did I even mention it here? ONE simple reason - to reach a goal you have to be accountable to that goal. Which means I have to say it publicly. Which I just did.

You can order at (Click on Shop) to help me get there or not. You know what you need. I will say that the retirement list is getting sent to Demonstrators the 18th - and it will be picked over by us PDQ. What I know is leaving is the 2014-2016 In Colors. But we are getting new ones. I don't know what they are and I'm SOO excited to find out, You better believe I'm ordering them as soon as I can!

And a little thing - IF you join this month, you get to choose $125.00 in items for your kit with free shipping for $99.00.  The sales requirement is $300 a quarter - BUT since Stampin'Up! started a new quarter on the 1st - You have until SEPTEMBER 30th to sell or buy $300. You get a 20% discount to start. To join go to click on Join. I'll answer any question you have - and I promise if I don't know the answer I'll find someone who does to get you the answer. And don't worry if you think the question is stupid - there is no such thing. You wouldn't be asking if you didn't know. My email is

Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Cards

So what have you made this week? And a Challenge for the weekend.

Cards you made - these just have to have at least 1 Stampin'Up! Product in them. Please tell me what you used.


Using the Going Places Designer Series Paper Stack - $8.00

Create something. That's the only requirement.  To make it fair - for those that may not have that set - Let's make these due the 22nd! It doesn't have to be a card!

For this week - show me your car if I pick it as my favorite - I'll send you a little gift!

Thursday, April 7, 2016


I breed and show Maine Coon Cats. They are my other passion. Maine Coons have a dog like personality and like to be near their people. They are called the Gentle Giants and they are! Males run between 15-20 lbs though there are some over that, females 10-15 lbs. That's not fat that's because they are just that big.

I've bred three Champions and have a few more to get out and Champion - just haven't had the time in the last year. I also had a turn over in studs - my older ones retired and my new studs weren't mature. But last week I bred two of my girls. So hopefully, I'll have kittens the end of May beginning of June.

But mainly I wanted to share pics of my babies!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Paper Pumpkin - What I love about it.

I have mentioned before how much I love this kit! If you purchase nothing else from Stampin'Up! I really encourage you to join. The kits have a project you can do - I'll be honest - I NEVER do the project they recommend. By nature and training I'm a creative artist. So, I think outside the box. I keep the extras and use them in different projects. They come with a stamp set, an ink spot, embellishments... well basically everything you need to do the project they had planned.

I admit some kits are better than others. But then again you do NOT have to make the project they suggest. Be creative. Spread out the goodies and play.

The monthly subscription is $19.99 a month - Personally, I purchase a three month subscription, I'm hoping next year (during Sale-A-Bration) to get a 12 month subscription. The reason I do it this way is my budget fluctuates from Month to Month so I'd rather make sure I get my kit than have to suspend for a month.

The thing I really love is that it is a SURPRISE every month. Like Forest Gump said - "It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get." BUT the April kit I do know we are getting a SPECIAL stamp set in addition to the kit stamp set. You have till the 10th to sign up to get this extra.

The monthly kits also make a GREAT gift for folks that do paper crafting! Give them a three, six or 12 month subscription as Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, or Valentine's gifts. Who doesn't like a gift that keeps on giving.

Have questions? Comment or email me at

Ready to order: and click on shop.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Weekly Deals!

Here are the Weekly Deal items - and yes it is a large amount this week - details after images

These deals will be available until April 18th! I have the Rose Wonder Thinlits and I flat out ADORE them. Especially the tag!

Now the bad news - this is the last week of the Weekly Deals. So take advantage! Now don't worry Stampin'Up! is going to replace it with another promotion.

Clearance Item of the week - which will now be what I feature on Tuesday instead of Weekly Deals.

Here is my choice of the week.

Now forgive me I have to go figure out how much I have to spend on deals!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Changing the format of this blog

Obviously I can't keep to a schedule or I can't do my blog the way others do theirs.  I think it's both. So I'm done with trying. I'm going to do me.

Changes that will be made.

1. No more specific things on specific days. I will keep Happy Thursday but I may not post about Paper Crafting. I do have other interest and maybe you want to learn more about me.

2. Projects are on hold until I get a way to film them.

3. I will still post Weekly deals on Tuesdays - I know I've missed a few weeks. I'm also thinking of picking a Clearance item a week and posting that Maybe on Monday. Or when I think of it.

4. I like list, so get use to them.

Tuesday's Weekly Deals will be the only regular feature. I may do a Card Share day on Fridays. Basically I want to see Cards you guys make! It will have only 1 requirement you MUST use something from Stampin'Up! Or I might set up a Weekly Challenge thing on the Bienville Stamping Facebook page or do both.

I typically like to schedule all my post on Sundays. It's a quiet day and I can sit and work on things, like blog entries.

Welcome to the new Bienville Stamping Blog!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Join the Demonstrator Club!

Join the Demonstrator Club!

Choose $155 of anything you want from any active catalog (annual + Occasions) or online store exclusives yet only pay $99 plus tax. That is $30 more FREE than our standard kit.

Who doesn’t love “free”????

Ships FREE too! There’s that “free” word again…

Let’s do the math:

Choose $155 (not a penny more)

Ships FREE which saves $15.50

Pay $99 plus tax

$56 in free product + $15.50 saved from shipping = $71.50 saved and you pay only $99 plus tax for $155 in product!

Here’s my question: why not? NO risk, NO strings, 20-25% off as a demonstrator (start at 20% off then bump up to 25% off with your first title promotion)… try it for a few months (you can be a demonstrator through June 30 without buying a thing after you join) with no penalty if it doesn’t work out and plenty of discounted product via this special joining order and any future regular purchases as part of the SU! family!
Read the frequently asked questions flyer included in this mailer. Simple steps to join (only takes minutes) also included.

Join in minutes by going to then click on the far right Join the Fun then, when that opens, click the brown horizontal bar that reads “Join Now.”

Time is running out! Only 5 days left!

Friday, March 25, 2016

6 days left in Joining event! The Why.

I'm going to try to answer some questions you might have about being a Stampin'Up! Demonstrator. These are all from my personal experience.

1. Why should I become a Demonstrator?

    It's fun. But really, you should become a Demonstrator not just for the opportunity to make money, but because you love paper crafting. The products are reasonable when compared to other companies, their stamps are exclusive to them, and stamp amazingly. With refills your ink pads can last forever.

2. How hard is it to make the quota?

    Not hard at all! I budget $100 a month for Stampin'Up! because that's what I can afford. I'm trying to work up to $150 a month. Why? At $150 you can earn $15 in "Hostess Rewards". Also realize I'm talking Retail dollars, not my cost dollars.

3. Why do I have to sell?
    You don't! If you want to buy just for your crafting needs it's fine.

4. Why do I have to give Workshops?

     I have never done a live workshop, heck, I've never been to one. I'd love to do one, but I don't feel my skills are there yet. So, I'm working on that.

5. Why shouldn't I do this?

    Not one reason I can think of. I joined for one reason - basically the kit - but I've really grown to love the products and surprisingly making cards. I didn't think I needed a Big Shot till I got it - and can't imagine not having it!

OH and if you join by March 31st, I'll send you a little something!

Send questions to:

Join using this link:

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Recruiting Event!

Stampin'Up! isn't hosting this but I am! I want YOU to join my team!

Stampin'Up! is a great way to feed your paper craft addiction! Who knew I had one?

Why should you join?

Extra Money!
Discount on Stampin'Up! Products!
A New Career!

All of that is possible.

Free Product? How does $155.00 in Stampin'Up! Product for $99.00 and free shipping sound? How does early access to all the new goodies for 2016 sound? How does free trips sound? Well you can get them all! Let me be honest - the trip you have to earn but how fun to earn a trip with something you love?

The bad side? $300 retail in product a quarter. About $100 a month - oh did I mention the 20% discount? So you are getting $300 in merchandise for $240!

Questions? email me at

Ready to join? Click Here:

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I've been MIA for a while. Had a bit of a crisis with a major Glass Art project, then Birthdays. Also having a hard time rigging something to film projects, still working on that one. Next Week I'll get back to our regular schedule.

I've been working on building stock for more options and practicing making cards.

Stampin'Up! News:

April's Paper Pumpkin will include an extra and exclusive stamp. So now is the time to sign up! Order a three month Subscription for $55.00 - a $5.00 savings, get a free Sale-A-Bration item if you order by March 31st and get the exclusive stamp set in your first kit in April!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy Thursday! Craft Room Update!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Thursday! I know I am!

Today I went to Tuesday Morning - to look at albums to hold paper. But found something even nicer! Above their albums was a desktop set up. Box, Folders, Desk organizer to hold letters and Magazine holder. I got the folders to use as a reference. The most important thing in a craft room is it has to make you happy and feel creative. I've been looking at colors and feeling rather blah. Then I saw this set and knew it would create an area I would be happy in. My advise is to find 1 image that makes you smile when you see it, one of those unplanned, unexpected image inspired joyful moments. And use it to design your craft room. Here is what gave me that feeling.